Part 0: "Full Circle" is the zeroth episode of the World of TWOW season 1. It is the newest TWOTWOW episode (even though it is the first chronologically)

Synopsis Edit

The episode starts with Meester Tweester and Jennings AsYetUntitled in the sky, talking about how beautiful the day is, then Meester realizes Jennings should be falling, and he does so.

Meanwhile, in Weirdworld, Sam Billinge is angry at Yellow Cary for sending him to Weirdworld in TWOW 14A, and unintentionally summons Weirdbook out of anger. Weirdbook tells Sam that he can help him out of Weirdworld, and possesses him. Evil Sam and Weirdbook lock Yellow Cary in the Church of Huangism and teleport back to the TWOW zone, where they start looking for other books to possess, starting with The (currently out of batteries) Futech Hacker.

Meanwhile, Mike Ramsay, Yessoan, steveminecraft46 and fryUaj are talking about how bored they are, when Evil Futech attacks them. Fry tackles Futech, somehow teleporting them both to Weirdworld. The other three books get possessed by Weirdbook and Sam, who order them to find and possess more books. Mike possesses alexlion0511, Yessoan possesses Ping Pong Cup Shots (and Tak Ajnin ignores the sounds, thinking it was the wind), and Sam possesses and fuses together with TheMightyMidge.

Mike, Yessoan and Steve then decide to attack Joseph Howard, the TWOWers' leader. They start to attack him, but QwerbyKing and taopwnh6427 appear out of nowhere and attack them back, causing the evil books to retreat. Joho thanks Qwerby and Taop, who tell him to stay in his house for protection. Defeated, the evil books seek other books to attack, and they find three: Juhmatok, Midnight Light, and Spicyman33. Yessoan and Steve leave Mike to attack them, while they look for more books.

Meanwhile, at the shrine, some_nerd (The Pi Guy) and Riley tell GreenTree and xXBombs_AwayXx that they're going on "deity leave," and leave the shrine. Riley finds Jennings lying on the ground.

Meanwhile, Crafty7 shows Iyxon and LorenTzel a magic trick: he takes their Pepsis and makes them "disappear" by running away with them. Iyxon reacts with "What a Crafty prank!" Meanwhile, king attempts to start episode 4's Denny's scene, but wrng_answr interrupts him, telling him they're supposed to wait until nightfall, and also breaking the 4th wall in the process. Cody Nutt leaves, "trying to find something to run." Meanwhile, pokeythestupe is asleep in Denny's.

Meanwhile, Crafty, still running away, comes across a wall. He looks at his tennis ball, then the wall, then the tennis ball again. He wonders what would happen if he threw his ball at the wall, and decides to call Nerd about it, starting episode 1.