Part 1: "Just Another Day" is the first episode of the Universe of TWOW season 2.

The Plot Edit

So it stated with Some nerd (The Pi Guy), Spicy and Joseph Howard talking about the stories they went through. Tantusar wonders if they were fake. And then there were lights flashing. And a Hoodiebook landed on a desert. The group decided to investigate it. When they got there, JoHo tried to speak tome to the Hooded Book, and he got de-animated. Spicy got transferred to weirdworld, and Tant and Nerd are left. Nerd calls up Fixylol for the nerd-mobile. And they go into the nerd mobile and drove it. The wrong way.

At Denny's Edit

Cody Nutt in the Denny's with LorenTzel, King, Jcasal and Iyxon. Iyx was just there working part time. Jcasal was just there to fill n the role of Female Artist.