Layz Is a character from Object Battle City, appearing in Another Denny's Episode as a cameo.

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Before his debut in Another Denny's Episode, Layz was goofy and he literally came out of nowhere. Take him interrupting fellow Object Battle City contestants saying then, there's him. [1] He is literally the guy who came out of nowhere, just to get people to know he exists. He is assumed to not even care about what others say of his existence, mean or nice things.

At some points after that, Layz was a curious and calm soul, always wanting to know everything. He took every point of information at it's best. He always wanted to seem nice to the others.

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Layz is a bag of ham and bacon Layz brand chips, he is a bright magenta with two red stripes on his corners, behind his face is the Layz logo and a very compressed picture of some beef and bacon on a plate.

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  1. Layz

    And then, there's MEEEEE, LAAAYZ!

    Layz's first words ever, in Object Battle City Episode 1: A Gift From Above.