Part 7: "Out of Darkness" is the seventh episode of the World of TWOW season 1.

Synopsis Edit

Following the events of episode 4, Juhmatok, Midnight Light and Spicyman33 finally arrive at Joseph Howard's house after 15 hours, only to find QwerbyKing and taopwnh6427 guarding the door, and they tell Spicy's group that they're not letting anyone see Joho because he got attacked earlier, but they let them in when they find out that Spicy's fire is extinguished. The five books go inside and meet Joho, who is about to reignite Spicy, when Weirdbook suddenly appears in front of them. Weirdbook reveals that he followed Mike Ramsay to get to the TWOWers' leader, Joho, and he removes all the light in the house, causing the entire place to become pitch-black. Joho reignites Spicy (and also a window), causing the light to come back and repelling Weirdbook. Spicy asks if they can stay the night, to which Joho replies yes. However, the house only has five beds, forcing taop to sleep on the couch.

Meanwhile, at Denny's, king, wrng_answr, lorenTzel and Cody Nutt meet Iyxon, who joins them. wrng reveals she unusually likes her pancakes with soy sauce, and Loren starts talking about art, which causes Iyxon to start talking about a new episode of their favorite anime... which they just don't stop talking about.