Roleplays Are On the Road. is the 2nd episode of The Galaxy Of T.W.O.W Battle where the contestants face B.F.B 12's challenge where a host takes the mind of a person on a team and put them into the body of another person of a different team. The contestants' job is to figure out who the fake is in four chances. The last team to guess, or the team that loses their four chances or the team that doesn't guess at all or the team that runs out of time will be U.F.E (Up For Elimination.)

Main descriptionEdit

Lock is eliminated as The Judging Bots face elimination. Meanwhile, the contest is that Emirhan takes the mind of a person of a team and will swap it with another person of a different team! What the others' job is to guess who has been mind swapped. But based on how they behave, can the team guess who the impostor is? The Rest. fail to do so and are put up for elimination.


Cold OpenEdit

Before The EliminationEdit

The EliminationEdit

The ContestEdit

Voting InfoEdit



Name Icon Votes Total Average percentile
Yessoan Yessoan New icon 507 507 2.46%
Spicyman33 Spicy Icon 643 1150 7.46%
Tantusar Tant icon 666 1816 9.61%
Alexlion0511 Alexlion0511 Icon 754 2570 11.30%
Entity Uproar Official Entity icon 849 3419 12.74%
Mike Billinge Mike billinge icon 999 4418 14.41%
Layz Layz icon 1286 5704 14.93%
Lock Lock Icon 3895 9599 18.94%

Challenge ResultsEdit

Team Name Guess 1 Guessed By Guess 2 Guessed By Guess 3 Guessed By Guess 4 Guessed By Mind Form Ranking
Team Denny's! Pokey Icon Burning Icon Bot Icon 1st
Flower Pedals Nerd Icon Tumblr ot9axqA5lr1ue0vdjo5 250 Tant icon 2nd
Harrison's Warriors Zucchero Icon Theebs icon Phineas Flynn New icon Nerd Icon 3rd
Judging Bots Mike billinge icon Spicy Icon Tant icon Layz icon Zucchero Icon 4th
Yarny Cats Unnamed (1) Mike Ramsay Icon Dunkel Icon Unnamed (1) Pokey Icon 5th


Green = This person was the correct impostor.

Dark Green = This person guessed the correct impostor.

Red = This person is real and their team lost a strike.

Maroon = This person guessed the impostor correctly.

Orange = This person was thought to be the impostor and was incorrect.

Brown = This person was unsure about the shown person being the impostor.

Yellow = This person was thought to be the impostor and was correct.

White = The team shown had no guess for that try, or they got it correct and couldn't guess again.


Theebs sorta guessed Zucchero too, so he should be included too.