Part 8: "The Search for Nerd" is the eighth episode of the World of TWOW season 1.

Synopsis Edit

Following the events of episode 6, Crafty7, Jennings AsYetUntitled and fryUaj need to get some_nerd (The Pi Guy) and Riley back, but the Weirdworld portal closed and they can't get back. Fry has an idea: since Nerd and Riley are gods, they can go to their shrine and ask the other gods to help. Crafty suggests using the Nerdmobile to get there, but Jennings finds that somebody stole it, so they have to walk. 17 hours later, they are almost at the shrine, when they come across a possessed alexlion0511. Crafty throws his tennis ball at Alex, unpossessing him. Alex joins Crafty's group as they arrive at the shrine. Fry summons xXBombs_AwayXx and GreenTree, Jennings tells them that Nerd and Riley are trapped in another dimension, and Bombs and GreenTree teleport to Weirdworld to save them, leaving Crafty's group alone. Crafty suggests they go to Denny's while they wait, but they all fall asleep before they can go (except Fry). Meanwhile, in Weirdworld, Futech and Riley have possessed Nerd.

Meanwhile, at Denny's, king, wrng_answr, Cody Nutt, lorenTzel and Iyxon decide to go back home, only to find that they stayed in past closing time and the door's locked. king realizes that they haven't seen a single worker the entire time they've been there, causing Loren to wonder how they got their food and how the door locked. Iyxon decides to trash the restaurant with Cody and wrng, while king sleeps in a booth.