Part 6: "The Subpar Escape" is the sixth episode of the World of TWOW season 1.

Synopsis Edit

Following the events of episode 3, Evil Riley starts chasing some_nerd (The Pi Guy) and Jennings AsYetUntitled through Weirdworld, and they find a portal back to the normal world on the Church of Huangism's wall. Crafty7 and fryUaj are heading to the same place, and they run into The Futech Hacker, who is also possessed. Nerd and Jennings find Crafty and Fry, and they all get in the portal at the same time. Crafty, Fry and Jennings appear back in the normal world, when they realize something: Nerd was captured by Futech and Riley!

Meanwhile, in Denny's, king and wrng_answr meet lorenTzel, who tells them that Crafty still owes him 26 flannels and a Pepsi. king notices he hasn't seen anyone around besides the other Denny's books. Loren suggests they look into it, but before they can do so, Cody Nutt bursts in through the window, hitting wrng in the head (again). king invites him to have pancakes with them.