Weirdworld² is a location in TUOTWOW. It is first mentioned in On the Flipside. It is the exact opposite of Weirdworld, with intensely high gravity and frequent land movements and tremors.

Everything that exists in Weirdworld² is 2D animated, and all voices are the 'real' voices of each character rather than their standard TTS voice. It is similar to Weirdworld in layout, but the islands that populate it are a light yellow, and the sky is a navy blue.

Coverage Edit

In On the Flipside, Spicy, Yessoan, and Crafty travel to Weirdworld² using Crafty's tennis ball. They discover the Reanimator on an island. After collecting it, they ask Zucchero, an animator stranded in Weirdworld², to aid them in returning to Weirdworld. He happily agrees to, as long as it progresses the plot. He claps his hands twice and the three are returned to Weirdworld.

Post-credits, Zucchero is seen stranded on an island, pondering how to free himself from the dimension.